PDC Live

Log of Past Packets

I keep a log of all PDC packets ever recorded by the teletext adaptor, which can be viewed in various ways.

This extract shows the interleaved changes in the full decoding of the last 100 packets, oldest first:

times and number of      MI PRF          country   start start programme
copies per interleave  in | | audio  ? ?  -network date  time  content  
---------------------  -- - - ------ --- --------- ----- ----- ---------

Note that the times shown on the left are taken directly from the ASCII Teletext clock and are thus more prone to error than the data in the PDC packets.

The option to show ``interleaved changes'' attempts to match up identical packets with the same interleave code and usually does a good job. But it can be quite misleading if a programme happens to be preceded and followed by, say, a TIMER indication for two different programmes on another interleave; even though the two groups of TIMER packets may be separated by hours in time, they will be grouped because they are identical and on the same interleave. If you suspect this may be happening, try choosing to show ``all changes'' in the form below.

Requesting Other Information

Using this form you can request other views of the log. Be careful asking for ``every line of all packets as de-hammed bytes'' though; this option will send you many megabytes of data!

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