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Network Identity Group

Every television broadcaster has a 16-bit code assigned by the EBU. This code can be used for automatic tuning or station name recognition in various contexts. It is relevant here because it appears on Teletext in Packet 30 type 0, although it has no connection with the other 16-bit Country and Network Identifier that appears in PDC packets.

Some of the Network Identity Group codes allocated in the U.K. are:

    0x0450  BBC B
    0x0827  TVS
    0x11D2  ITV London
    0x137B  ITV A
    0x1534  Tyne Tees TV
    0x2242  BBC2 Wales
    0x2DE3  S4C
    0x3F27  Channel TV
    0x3F8B  Channel 4
    0x41BB  ITV London 2
    0x457F  BBC2
    0x4954  ITV B
    0x4F1A  HTV 2
    0x5AF5  HTV
    0x5F34  Yorkshire TV
    0x5FF6  BBC1
    0x6940  Channel 5
    0x6A99  Central TV 2
    0x9821  BBC A
    0x9F4B  Scottish TV
    0xA40B  TSW
    0xB51B  Granada TV
    0xBB0A  TVS 2
    0xC1DC  Ulster TV
    0xCF5C  Grampian TV
    0xDF39  Anglia TV
    0xEDEF  Border TV
    0xF4EA  Central TV
    0xFC9C  BBC C
This information is somewhat dated, but seems to be valid for those services I can see to check.
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