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My principal source for the web pages was:
Peter L. Mothersole and Norman W. White. Broadcast data systems: teletext and RDS. Butterworths, London, 1990. ISBN 0-408-04815-8
and the definitive sources are the EBU specification documents:
ETS 300 231 : 1998-04 Edition 2 RE/JTC-PDC-1 Television systems; Specification of the domestic video Programme Delivery Control system (PDC) (ETSI Price 70 EUR)

ETS 300 706 : 1997-05 DE/JTC-TTEXT Enhanced Teletext specification (ETSI Price 88 EUR)

ETR 287 : 1996-10 DTR/JTC-TTXT Television systems; Code of practice for enhanced Teletext (ETSI Price 26 EUR)

These may be purchased from ETSI.
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